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Costs and Subsidies

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At the Law Gurukul, we are driven by a passion for mentoring,  yearning for learning, and compassion for spreading legal awareness in the community we live in.

We strongly believe that the learnings have a cost, especially learning of some practical skills. However, these costs can be subsidized by passionate mentors for the yearning law students who show compassion for the community by spreading legal awareness. 

Admissions Process

Your Gateway to Learning

Once you step out of the law colleges, you will carry the baggage of their reputation (good or bad), the little simulations of real-life legal scenarios that you did in moots, and all the practical exposure you got through internships that were at times done for lucrative stipends from law firms/corporates/lawyers with swanky offices. Enquire from your seniors or just look around how many of them have settled so far. Everything that was taught in the law schools, all the moots, and all those internships must have invariably failed to set up the law graduates as independent practitioners. Try an internship with us, it could be a lot different less the 'stipend' you often tend to chase.

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Admission Requirements

The Information You Need

Apply for an internship below. You should either be a law student, CA/CS student, or a law graduate. You should be compassionate towards spreading legal awareness in the community, have basic legal research & content writing skills, and a yearning for learning. You need to be available for at least 4 weeks. You don't need to enroll in any of our training and coaching programs as a pre-requisite for interning with us for any duration.
Last but not the least, our mentors are spending time with you to impart some practical can 'thank' them if you feel grateful!

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