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Unveiling the Bare Truth of every Public Sector Banks

Written by: Girish N P

Today, I present you the pathetic story of every public banks of the Country.

The story starts from here...

Couple of months ago, I saw a old man standing in queue at BOB Bank Counter for withdrawing the money. There was long queue at the counter. For every minute passed he was struggling harder and harder. Such inhuman crowd, no one helped him. Its heartbreaking moment...

Are we really in 21th century?

Is this the only bank where old man was denied with preferential treatment?

We talk about so much facilities for Senior Citizens but how much is it really being implemented?

There are many facilities regulated by RBI such as

1.Dedicated Counters /Preference to Senior citizens. So that no elder person wait in long queues.

2. Ease of submitting Life certificates. RBI has advised the banks to promptly update the life certificates from any branch.

3. Automatic conversion to Senior Citizen account- To avail necessary benefits at old age.

4. Ease of cash withdraw to visually impaired customers. With thumb/toe impression /2 independent witnesses.

5. Door Step banking - To reduce frequent visits to the banks and provide most facilities at customer's convenience.

6. Talking ATMs with braille keypad for visually impaired customers

7. Magnifying glasses for low vision customers

8. Ramp facility at ATMs/branches for wheelchair access

Are these facilities only on the paper or is it really been implemented?

I just wanted to check the reality of every branches of every bank of the country. For that, I used one of the powerful tool- RTI (but sadly there are no effective mechanisms to check the same for private banks).

This is what every Public Sector Banks replied to our few points of RBI Policy on Senior Citizens.

Implementing good policies is more important than creating the one.

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