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A New Case Study on Consumer Rights

Written by: Girish N P

Everybody is consumer in a way or other. But, it's pathetic that only few are aware of their rights.

Why it's important to know consumer right?

Well, the simplest answer is to get rid of deception by cheater.

What actually is Consumer Right?

It's an exclusive right of the end user as prescribed by the law of a country. Hence, consumer rights vary from country to country.

What's new now?

Because of the emerging technologies and COVID19 like unexpected situations, every government is regulating to the future scenario. Thus a reforming, revolutionary and resolving consumer rights is very much in need.

A recent case study by shows a magnificent number of 33 Consumer Rights! The analysis included top economics of the world, middle income and low income category. A total of 49 countries were taken into consideration.

Here is the list: -

33 Consumer Rights across the globe

1. Right to Safety

2. Right to be Informed

3. Right to Choose

4. Right to be Heard

5. Right to Seek redress

6. Right to Consumer Education

7. Right to a healthy environment

8. Right to satisfaction of basic needs

9. Right to file a Consumer Complaint from anywhere

10. Right to seek compensation under product liability

11. Right to protect consumers as a class

12. Right to seek a hearing using video conferencing

13. Right to know the reason for complaint rejection

14. Right to Truthful Advertising

15. Right to have faulty goods repaired or replaced

16. Right to contracts without unfair clauses

17. Right to return most goods purchased online within 14 days

18. Right to free assistance from European Consumer Centers

19. Right to access goods and services on the same terms as local customer

20. Right to change your mind

21. Right to refund for delayed or non-delivery

22. Off-Premise Purchases Rights

23. Store Purchase Rights

24. Air Passenger Rights

25. Rail Passenger Rights

26. Maritime Travel Rights

27. Road Travel Rights

28. Package Travel Rights

29. Accommodation Rights

30. Right of Fair Deal

31. Right that Human Dignity is respected

32. Right to exercise supervision

33. Right to Privacy

Some of the key findings of study are:

The highest priority of all 49 countries was found to be the safety of the consumers.

The basis of all the consumer rights is guidelines set by United Nations.

Few of the countries don't have consumer rights. And some have laws on consumer protection.

Fascinated to read more in detail

Check out the link here

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