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Our Work

We work on a range of projects from providing training to corporates on PoSH Law to providing the law students quality mentoring programs.



PoSH Trainings

Our trainers are continuously engaged in raising awareness about "prevention and prohibition of sexual harassment law (PoSH Act, 2013)" through webinars, workshops and trainings. 


Mentoring Law Students

Our mentors are constantly engaged in providing free mentoring programs to law students from across the country. 

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Environmental Awarenss

We are constantly engaged in raising awareness about environmental issues through blogging, community engagement on social media and webinars.


Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM) Trainings

The Law Gurukul has an exclusive arrangement with The Legal Watch (a firm specializing in commercial Contracting) to provide trainings to its users at subsidized fees:

1. Pre-Signature CLM (Drafting, Review and Negotiation)

2. Post-Signature CLM (Contract Management)


Besides the paid trainings, The Legal Watch conducts free contract awareness sessions for The Law Gurukul subscribers.

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